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Nikki Lam, Member of NETS Victoria’s Board of Management and Artistic Program Advisory Committee

NETS Victoria is delighted to present the digital exhibition Home is more than a place, curated by Sophia Cai and developed as part of our digital exhibition series 50/50.

Presented in partnership between NETS Victoria and Hamilton Gallery, the exhibition provides a remarkable opportunity to explore the Hamilton Gallery Collection and its resonance with contemporary stories.

Conceived by NETS Victoria, 50/50 has provided research grants to three independent curators. Each curator selected a regional Victorian gallery to research their collection and develop an exhibition of up to 30 artworks where 50% of the works are from the venue’s collection and 50% are from living contemporary artists. Each curator has determined a unique exhibition theme and paired artworks based on a visual and/or conceptual rationale.

Sophia Cai has brought together stories and interpretations
around the concept of home through artists’ studies of dwellings and domesticity. Her pairings create an enriching dialogue that foregrounds the shifting Australian life both urban and rural, old and current.

NETS Victoria is the peak body for touring visual art, craft and design across Victoria and beyond; partnering and collaborating with art galleries, cultural institutions, artists and curators to present outstanding exhibitions and projects, complemented by high quality publications and programs.

NETS Victoria usually focuses on packing physical artworks in museum-grade crates and touring artworks to be enjoyed by regional audiences in Victoria and beyond. Home is more than a place, however, is entirely digital, making it accessible to a much wider audience than may otherwise have been possible.

On behalf of NETS Victoria, I would like to thank and pay tribute to the commitment and flexibility of our partner Hamilton Gallery led by Artistic Director Joshua White, working closely with Collection Coordinator Ian Brilley.

I would also like to congratulate the curator for this exciting project, Sophia Cai and the artists whose creative reflections continue to inspire us to question and re-imagine our past and contribute to our collective future.

Special thanks to Creative Victoria for their support of the exhibition; as well as all of NETS Victoria’s supporting organisations that ensure we continue to innovate.