Host an Exhibition—
Collaborate. Relax. Enjoy.

Host an exhibition

When hosting a NETS Victoria exhibition, you can rest assured that the exhibition is delivered with beautifully designed signage, quality curatorial essays, comprehensive promotions kits and all the exhibition furniture and technology required. We provide support and assistance at every step of the journey.

We are dedicated to working collaboratively with staff at host galleries to install our touring exhibitions and to achieve the best presentation, allowing for the uniqueness of your gallery. For many gallery staff, our presence provides breathing space so you can relax knowing that new creative perspectives will be enjoyed by your community whilst you work on your own projects.

In developing an itinerary for a new exhibition, we either call for expressions of interest from the sector or directly approach galleries that we believe the exhibition will appeal to or provide a unique connection.

As our touring exhibition program includes works by Australia’s leading artists which are often on loan from institutional collections, we work with public galleries which have appropriate facilities, professional staff and a commitment to attracting audiences within their communities and beyond.

Eligibility Checklist

To be eligible to host a NETS Victoria exhibition, your organisation must be: 

  • A legally constituted not-for-profit public gallery with a suitable space to accommodate the exhibition.
  • Open regularly to the public.
  • Able to promote the exhibition to reach a broad audience within your community and beyond.
  • Contractually responsible for the safe receipt, handling, packing, security, installation and supervision of the exhibition, including the supply of appropriately qualified staff to fulfill this responsibility. 
  • Willing to work collaboratively with the NETS Victoria team.

National Exhibitions Register

Galleries and museums can find exhibitions ready to host at their venues listed on the National Exhibitions Register coordinated by NETS Australia. Or contact the NETS Australia network organisation in your state for more information: Artback NT, Art on the Move, Contemporary Art Tasmania, Country Arts SA, Museums & Galleries NSW, Museums and Galleries Queensland, and NETS Victoria.