Building understanding.

NETS Victoria creates a range of education resources and activities designed to help galleries deliver innovative learning programs to stimulate, inspire and engage audiences of all ages.

This includes information on each exhibition’s background, arts practices and themes, video interviews with artists and curators, and comprehensive Education Kits with links to State primary, secondary and tertiary curriculums.

We are committed to educating people of all backgrounds and ages from primary to tertiary, in a deeper level of engagement and understanding of contemporary art, craft and design.

The engagement that we sought was with the summer vacation program on campus. For five weeks, we had children from a 5–14 year age group visit and engage with the artworks. For two days each week the students thought about the story behind their favourite artwork. They also completed a series of art-making workshops that further encouraged children to think about what it means to be an artist.
Gallery staff, Queensland 2019

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