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Executive Director,
Arts Project Australia
Chair, Public Galleries
Association of Victoria

Arts Project Australia is a creative social enterprise that supports artists with intellectual disabilities, promotes their work and advocates their inclusion in contemporary art practice. Since its inception in 1974, Arts Project
Australia has aimed high and has built a reputation both in Australia and internationally for its philosophy of supporting many highly talented, skilled and passionate artists and raising the visibility of the outstanding work that they produce in Melbourne. The proof of our endeavours lies in the consistency and quality of the exhibitions and programs we deliver and the opportunities and experiences we broker for our artists. Arts Project Australia artists are included in exhibitions all over the world and are represented in countless public and private collections.

Arts Project Australia and exhibition curator Catherine Bell believe that through genuine partnerships, unexpected and creative things will happen. We’re thrilled to partner with leading organisations NETS Victoria, the Australia Council for the Arts, and the Limb Family Foundation to bring FEM-aFFINITY to audiences across Australia. Echoing words from Arts Project Australia’s manifesto seems fitting:

That individual creativity triumphs over conformity, and divergent voices make life much more interesting.

That art is about revealing ourselves and creating meaningful connections.

I can’t wait to see the impact that FEM-aFFINITY will have on metropolitan and regional galleries, their visitors and broader communities.