Current exhibition


Fem-Affinity brings together female artists’ work that shares an affinity of a subject, process and style, variations on female identity, and offering alternative ways to look at historical feminist tropes.

This curatorial rationale aims to rethink how intersubjective and inclusionary approaches can be a potent strategy to revise existing cultural and social narratives, by offering artistic counter-narratives. The exhibition will situate female Arts Projects Australia (APA) artists alongside leading contemporary female artists that investigate embodiment and representation.

There is a concern with the expression of femaleness in the artworks that extends beyond the figurative representation of women as the subject of the work. The project uncovers commonalities or a kinship of practice between female artists that draw on the lived experience and the artworks as a complex and nuanced way of thinking about embodied identity, more specifically inflexions of diverse subject positions and how they materialise in the artwork in distinctive ways. The project will also explore how the artists have a sustained inquiry in a specific medium, and presenting this genesis acknowledges longevity of practice, reinforcing the artistic lineage and contribution of these female artists to the canon of woman’s art.

Curated by Catherine Bell & Sim Luttin, Fem-Affinity is supported NETS Victoria, the 2018 Exhibition Development Fund and Arts Project Australia.