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Upon entering the exhibition we invite visitors to pause in the Welcome Space, a representation of the many cosy rooms we occupied together on our travels; talking, researching and making together.  

This space is an invitation to understand not only our journeys together, but who we are and to whom we belong. In sharing our connection and positionality at this entry point we align with important cultural protocols. 

The projected images illuminate our beautiful Country and document several trips together over 2022, also featuring a soundscape of our Barkandji/Barkindji Country created by artist Raymond Zada.  

Within this space we invite visitors to sit down and relax, to share our journeys on Country, to look through the artists’ personal family photo books and the biscuit tin of family photographs and documents that highlight important occasions in our journeys through life and connections across time.  

Welcome. Please come in, relax, and enjoy. 

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David Doyle, Kent Morris, Adrianne Semmens, Raymond Zada, Nici Cumpston and Zena Cumpston
Barkandji/Barkindji/Malyangapa people
Artist books and ephemera, 2023
mixed media 
dimensions variable
Raymond Zada
Barkandji people
Baaka Herald, 2023
printed newspaper
dimensions variable
Installation view: Bunjil Place Gallery, 2023
Courtesy the artists, Vivien Anderson Gallery and Michael Reid Gallery
Photo: Christian Capurro
Welcome Space - ngarayta (together, us group, all in it together)
Installation view: Bunjil Place Gallery, 2023
Photo: Christian Capurro