Sally Cleary

b. Canberra, 1961. Lives in Melbourne and Otway Ranges

I am interested in the relationship between objects, and the relationship that we, as human beings, have with nature. Through my art work I explore the representation of nature and human behaviour transposed through mixed-media artworks, combining hand made organic forms with natural and man-made found objects. Over the past twelve years, I have visited Hong Kong twice a year. These trips have had a huge influence on the way I work, as I have been exposed to a strong conceptual aesthetic in terms of ceramics, and have had access to a wide range of materials, such as metallic mesh screens, which I have begun to incorporate in my work. I am concerned with our excessive need to consume for material wealth, and the impact this has on the environment, and our ability to connect with nature.

Sally Cleary is currently undertaking a PhD in Fine Art at RMIT University, and holds a Master of Fine Art from RMIT. She is Coordinator - Ceramics at RMIT and Ceramics Studio Coordinator (offshore teaching program) at Hong Kong Art School.

November 2011