Robyn Phelan

b. Melbourne, 1965. Lives in Melbourne

I am drawn to the qualities inherent in the hand-built vessel. Made by the direct and individual mark and pressure of the artist’s hand, the sculptures describe volume, being rounded and voluptuous. Recording in clay observations of art history and culture - experienced through travel, study, museum collections and in domestic life - is the artist’s challenge; to bring together sculptural forms and pictorial content. This creates narrative associations, tells stories and raises questions for the viewer.

The ‘Depleted’ series of sculptures is drawn from a visit to the remains of Mt Kaolin, near Jingdezhen. The material mined from this mountain became the blue and white pottery that besotted the Western world for many centuries.

Robyn Phelan completed Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics) at RMIT University in 2010. She completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Art, (Art Curatorship and Museum Management) at the University of Melbourne in 1997.

November 2011