Paul Yore

At the heart of my practice is the notion that the things around us are not what they may first appear to be. This could be a ‘slippage’, an everyday material standing in for something sublime or unspeakable, an unexplainable juxtaposition, or just a silly pun. In a broader sense, I want my work to pose an epistemological question of sorts, something like: “what the hell are we even doing here?”. I feel art (if it has any use beyond mere decoration) should be able to pose uncomfortable questions, or at least point to the absurdity of the human situation, even if it cannot endeavour to resolve any specific problem we might face as a doomed species, as a dysfunctional nation-state or as alienated individuals.

Interdisciplinary artist Paul Yore studied painting, ancient history, archaeology and anthropology before undertaking full-time work as an art practitioner. He works in large-scale installation, sound, video, drawing and textiles. Yore has exhibited works in a range of galleries and museum including Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Heide Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Gertrude Contemporary, Federation Square and Seoul Art Space Guemcheon. Yore has partaken in studio residencies nationally and internationally including: Artspace, Gertrude Contemporary, Australian Tapestry Workshop and Seoul Art Space Guemcheon. He is represented in public and private collections including Heide Museum of Modern Art, Wangaratta Art Gallery and Artbank. Paul Yore is represented by Neon Parc, Melbourne.

February 2015