A NETS Victoria and BLINDSIDE touring exhibition curated by Claire Anna Watson

Synthetica is not for the fainthearted—the artists have been selected for their visually charged and hypnotic imagery. Expect an experience that smacks of the strange with pulsing machines and courageous forms brimming with life and wonder.

Nothing is too outrageous: from helium balloons to plasticine painting through to artificial plants and sensor-based technology, Synthetica will both shock and delight. The artists explore humorous, performative and theatrical devices to interrogate the interplay between nature / culture, and humankind / machine. In dramatic and oftentimes-absurdist explorations, the artists reveal how a synthetic reality is closer than it seems.

This exhibition also celebrates the pivotal role of artist-led communities in the understanding and enrichment of contemporary visual culture. For over a decade BLINDSIDE has been supporting contemporary artists to take risks and push their practice into new territories. Synthetica showcases a selection of highlights from BLINDSIDE’s program. During its regional tour Synthetica is supported by a local exhibition series—Here in the Undergrowth—a showcase of new work by a local regional artist.

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