Kevin White

b. Reading, UK, 1954; migrated to Australia in 1985. Lives in Melbourne

My ceramic vessels present an elegant physicality of form characteristic of oriental porcelain traditions. Respect for the materials is integral to my creative language, allowing for a certain restraint and emphasis of formal sculptural qualities. The sheared cone vessels echo a simplicity of line akin to Japanese ceremonial dotaku bells. Adorned with imagery drawn freehand or loosely imprinted in undulating grids, the fluent integration of surface with object creates a sense of ‘wholeness’ or ‘purity’ that remains dynamic. The vessel appears as a conversation between the painted mark and three dimensional form in a kind of alchemy that does not eschew its reading as a functional artefact.

Kevin White is currently Deputy Head - International Development, School of Art, RMIT University, and was appointed Associate Professor at RMIT in 2000. He was Artist in Residence, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong in 2009.

November 2011