Bronwyn Hack

Bronwyn Hack is a painter, printmaker, ceramicist and textile artist. She has an intense and fervent art practice resulting in poignant work, at times revealing a painful melodrama. Early work has centred on scenes of ardent attraction featuring fictionalised characters drawn from popular culture and the artist’s imagination. Throughout her career Hack has maintained a keen interest in the exploration of animals, with a particular penchant for depicting dogs, both wild and domestic. Recent work reveals a darker edge; while maintaining a focus on figurative subject matter, Hack has begun honing in on specific sections of the body and bones, thoughtfully reinterpreting these forms into intriguing objects and paintings. Bronwyn Hack has worked in the studio at Arts Project Australia since 2011. In 2016 she held a solo exhibition at Arts Project Australia entitled Be Careful Now and has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including Auto Body Works curated by Patricia Sharkey, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne (2018); Wild Lands, Linden New Art Melbourne (2016); Nests, Northcity4, Melbourne (2015); My Puppet, My Secret Self, The Substation, Newport (2012); and Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne (2012 & 2014). In 2018 Hack participated the Artist in Residence Program at Australian Tapestry Workshop.