Tour Partners

Through our touring exhibition program, NETS Victoria provides opportunities for metropolitan and regional communities to access the best contemporary Australian art, craft and design – wherever they live.

The touring program comprises innovative exhibitions from Victoria’s public galleries that highlight the work of leading Australian artists, craft makers and designers at all stages of practice. Our touring exhibitions and projects are supported by engaging and often interactive high quality public and learning programs, which promote increased audience participation, interaction and educational engagement with contemporary creativity across regional Victoria.

NETS Victoria initiates projects and strategically invites Victorian galleries, curators and artists to develop exhibitions for tour. We provide in-kind support and expertise to assist, co-create and co-present outstanding travelling exhibitions and multi-site projects.

We welcome proposals and invite you to contact us to discuss your idea.

NETS Victoria provides expert assistance and advice with; exhibition development, exhibition design, catalogue development and production, tour itineraries, touring grant applications, media releases, education kit development, learning programs, invitations, freight, registration support and installation tour manuals.

The Partnerships Program is not an application for funding. To fund the tour, NETS Victoria works with our partner organisations to seek touring funding through Creative Victoria’s Touring Victoria program or the federal government’s Visions of Australia program.

NETS Victoria supplies the public gallery sector with outstanding exhibitions. Whilst we do tour to some metropolitan galleries, we try to reach audiences evenly across Victoria, particularly in regional areas. We also tour exhibitions nationally where funding permits, however, we presently do not have the resources to tour internationally.

The inclusion of regional artists or concepts that resonate with regional audiences is encouraged but not essential.

In each partnership, NETS will work with applicants to establish the individual needs of the organisation and the exhibition tour and subsequent areas of responsibility. NETS Victoria touring management fees will be charged at no more than 25% of total venue exhibition fees.

National Exhibitions Touring Support (NETS) Victoria is the peak body for visual arts touring in the state of Victoria. The organisation partners with cultural organisations to develop and tour innovative exhibitions that engage with a diverse audience. Presented at public galleries across regional Victoria, and on occasion metropolitan and major regional galleries interstate, these touring exhibitions are supported by quality publications such as catalogues and websites, as well as public and education programs including talks and workshops that enhance visitors understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the works of art.

Exhibitions policy

NETS Victoria seeks a balance across our entire touring program that aims to meet the needs of the public gallery network, with particular focus on regional Victorian galleries, and provides diversity in:

  • A mix of art forms and approaches across contemporary art, craft and design including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art;
  • Works by artists/designers/craft makers at all stages of their career/practice;
  • Target audiences such as youth, indigenous and disadvantaged audiences.

All exhibitions must be physically and logistically suitable for touring.

With the intention of maximising the provision of quality art experiences to a broad audience throughout Victoria and nationally, our exhibitions and tours will:


  • Provide access to the highest quality works of contemporary art and design rarely exhibited in regional areas; or
  • Engage with contemporary ideas and issues that stimulate and resonate with regional audiences; or
  • Fosters exchange between regional and urban Victoria; or
  • Present contemporary works by artists and designers incubated in a regional context.


  • Present the work of professional Australian artists, crafts practitioners and designers, including works by Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders at all stages of their career/practice;
  • Include historical art, craft and design practice, where it informs contemporary practice;
  • Be based around a curatorial rationale that is innovative and well resolved, contributing to research and interpretation of contemporary art, craft and design;
  • Involve partnerships with other organisations including regional galleries.


  • Provide informed research and engage with critical debate through effective exhibition support materials;
  • Are of a high production standard in presentation and management;
  • Encourage the exchange and development of specialised art handling, installation and exhibition management skills, raising professional standards for staff and venues in regional areas;
  • Accommodate fees at no less than recommended NAVA (National Association for Visual Artists) rates and meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements for public galleries.


  • Introduce non-traditional audiences to contemporary art, craft and design practice throughout Victoria and nationally;
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of art practice through innovative and effective support materials which include interpretive information, along with public and education programs.