Michelle Nikou: a e i o u—

Artists: Michelle Nikou


Michelle Nikou in her studio, Adelaide, 2016.

Curated by Melissa Keys and Kendrah Morgan

Adelaide-based artist Michelle Nikou draws on surrealism in a reflective and productive way to transform mundane domestic objects and materials into sculptures of humour and marvel. In this exhibition of new and recent work she utilises surrealist strategies such as chance, psychological metaphor, deadpan wit and juxtaposition, and inventively mingles high and low art sources and cultural references. Her work intentionally blurs and extends the boundaries between fine art and craft and often invests unremarkable or overlooked facets of daily existence with new and unexpected significance.

Nikou’s practice is also characterised by a deep engagement with language and she forges connections between art and literature that invoke suburban life, family interactions and food. Seemingly disparate concepts and materials are regularly combined to produce unsettling and sometimes absurd effects, such as the fried eggs made in bronze that lend the exhibition its title, the flattened egg forms suggesting the vowels of the alphabet.

As a result of imaginative exploration Nikou has evolved a distinctive visual vocabulary and sophisticated practice with a strong conceptual basis in its play of poetics, aesthetics and forms.


‘Michelle Nikou: a e i o u’ is a NETS Victoria touring exhibition developed in partnership with Heide Museum of Modern Art, 2016
Curated by Melissa Keys & Kendrah Morgan
Videography by Rachel Feery from Short Play, Melbourne

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