Artists: Dong Nguyen DreamTree IP Yuk-Yiu Lantern Studio Mojiken Studio Ojiro Fumoto Spotlighter Sun Yu Triple Tree Studio Troy Innocent

The Longitude exhibition will showcase cultural, experimental and arts practices from across the Asia-Pacific region in the medium of games. Featuring analogue and digital games, play workshops and public presentations, Longitude celebrates games and play as broad and persistent aspects of culture with the capacity to connect diverse groups. The exhibition highlights games as activities beyond escapist entertainment instead as nuanced, challenging and inspiring forms of cultural expression that bring broader understandings of the world and the people it.

Artists include: DreamTree (Malaysia), Sun Yu (Taiwan), Dong Nguyen (Vietnam), Mojiken Studio (Indonesia), Spotlighter (China), IP Yuk-Yiu (Hong Kong), Ojiro Fumoto (Japan), Triple Tree Studio (China), Lantern Studio (China). Troy Innocent (Australia) and more.