Deborah Kelly: Pada Suatu Ketika (Once Upon a Time)—

Artists: Deborah Kelly

Pada Suatu Ketika (Once Upon A Time) is a stopmotion collage animation made by celebrated Australian artist Deborah Kelly with WayangCyber2 during workshops with children living in Cikapundung, Indonesia in 2015. The families involved in the project were economic migrants to the area, a community facing constant challenges from government and land developers. Pada Suatu Ketika (Once Upon A Time) sees them taking part in a mythic narrative of the David and Goliath struggle, underlining the importance of unity and the perils of unchecked development and growth. The work began as a technical experiment in animating collage with minimal resources, and is the formal precursor to Kelly’s award-winning moving image artwork LYING WOMEN, which is touring as part of the Craftivism exhibition.

A digital exhibition, touring with NETS Victoria.