Close the gate behind you—

Kent Morris (Barkindji)
Cultural Reflections – Up Above Series 2 #8 Barkindji (Broken Hill) – Mallee Ringneck
Archival print on canson rag paper
60 x 90 cm
Purchased with annual Council allocation. Hamilton Gallery Collection
© Courtesy Kent Morris and Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne © Kent Morris
Elvis Richardson
The Gatekeepers (Red #2)
2020 (detail on previous page)
Enamel paint on bent mild steel
170 x 95 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery
Photograph: Sam Roberts

Kent Morris’ photographic series Cultural Reflections – Up Above combines elements of urban architecture with depictions of native birds to comment on the continuing presence of Indigenous culture in contemporary Australia. This work is a recent acquisition of Hamilton Gallery and contributes to the Gallery’s collection of Indigenous artwork. The geometric grid of Morris’ photograph is similarly maintained in Elvis Richardson’s work, The Gatekeepers, which takes the form of a red painted steel door. Richardson’s work is a critical comment on the history of settler-colonisation in Australia, and the barriers of access to the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of home ownership. Coming full circle from Arkley’s painting, the pairing of Morris and Richardson can be read together as a critique of Australia’s treatment of Indigenous people, and a question of who has rightful access to a ‘home’ within this context.