Vernon Ah Kee

Vernon Ah Kee was born and raised in North Queensland and based in Brisbane, Vernon Ah Kee is Kuku Yalandji, Waanji, Yidindji, Gugu Yimithirr and Koko Berrin. With conceptualist text works anchored in minimal expression and drawings nuanced with a refined technical sense, Vernon underpins his critique of Australian popular culture with assertion that the Aboriginal condition is more the result of White Australian construction and machination than it is of Aboriginal invention. Recent solo exhibitions include: talkwalktalk, Mackenzie Gallery, Regina, Canada (2009); Woolloongabba; belief suspension, Artspace, Sydney (2008). Selected Group Exhibitions: Once Removed, ludateca, Castello,Venice Biennale #53, Venice, Italy ; Ignite, Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design, Sydney; I Walk The Line: New Australian Drawing, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; I Have Not Been Myself Lately, Dell Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane (2009). Collections: National Gallery of Australia; National Gallery of Victoria; Art Gallery of New South Wales; Queensland Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Art Bank; Museum of Contemporary Art.

Artist Statement
"Drawing is something that we do. As Aboriginal people, as Blackfellas, drawing is something we all do. For proppaNOW, it is an action, a tool, and a mechanism that we use to communicate our feelings and ideas and it is the beginning of our art-making processes. It is a human trait to recognise or sense the personal in Drawing. Engaging in and with drawing is to acknowledge the uniqueness we each possess as people and as individuals. But spending time with these works is really a window into how we, as a group of artists interact and engage with each other. As proppaNOW, Jus’ Drawn is about the energy, easy dialogue, and enthusiasm that our friendships and familiarity with each other generates. Jus’ Drawn is then an idea of who we are, where our ideas are drawn from, where we position ourselves in the scope of what we think is Australia. Jus’ Drawn is what we do and how we imagine ourselves."

Vernon Ah Kee is represented by Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

August 2010