Penny Byrne

b. Mildura, 1965. Lives and works in Melbourne.

I meticulously reconstruct manipulated figurines from damaged and antiquated ceramic objects into artworks that often wield a political message. My use of fragile ceramics contradicts the strong political messages evident in my work. My satirical viewpoint confronts a number of contemporary political, social and environmental issues that present an ongoing inquiry into popular culture and international politics. My training as a ceramics conservator strongly informs my practice.

Penny Byrne, who has exhibited nationally and internationally over the past decade, works with found materials, manipulating and reconfiguring vintage ceramic figurines into artworks wielding highly charged political messages. Byrne is interested in the influence of humanity on the environment as well as world politics and social issues. Byrne, a conservator by trade, has knowledge of the profession and trusts conservators with her work. Her choice of materials is based on their ability to last, and reflect her career as a conservator.

Penny Byrne is represented in Australia by Fehily Contemporary and in the UK by Coates and Scarry.

September 2012