Josie Kunoth Petyarre

Josie Kunoth Petyarre (born Utopia c. 1954) and her husband Dinni Kunoth Kemarre (born Utopia 1954), live with their family on their traditional lands at the remote outstation of Pungalindum in Utopia, Central Australia. Their language group is Anmatyerr.

Josie Kunoth Petyarre comes from a highly respected artistic family; her mother is Polly Kngale and her aunts are Kathleen Kngale and Angelina Pwerle. Having attended school as a girl in Alice Springs, she has been involved in the Utopia art movement since the late 1980s, when she produced batik works and paintings on canvas.

Their individual works were finalists in the Basil Sellers Art Prize in 2008.