b. Hobart, 1981. Lives and works in Melbourne.

Experimentation has always been part of my work. My work spaces often turn into small shrines, indulging and entering the world I’m painting. The combination of paintings alongside the objects that inspire them gives a more rounded view into the world I’m building. Working with objects helps me learn, memorise and explore the line style and feeling I’m trying to capture in my paintings. My practice has always contained a split between creating highly archival works on paper and linen and creating more temporary sculptural works as well as street based works that are encouraged to rot rapidly.

Ghostpatrol built an international reputation as a street artist working with ephemeral techniques such as stencilling and paste ups. More recently he has focused on illustration, painting and installation. He is interested in physics, the future of the universe and introducing his viewers to complex concepts through his inviting characters and worlds. For Ghostpatrol the choice of material is not always important. He values the opportunity to experiment when perhaps more familiar materials are unavailable.

Ghostpatrol is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery.

September 2012