Chloe Caday

Chloe Caday is an emerging painter currently based in She Oaks, Victoria. Drawing inspiration from her Filipino roots, her practice explores the importance of travel and connection to the land as it signifies the historical, cultural and spiritual connections within place. Working primarily outdoors allows her to utilise her immediate surroundings to inform her work and using oil to create gestural markings to capture her presence in the paintings. Movement and sound are an important focal point throughout her work as it highlights the presence of the landscape and the people that tell stories of forgotten histories and culture.

Caday was a 2017 Fine Arts graduate from RMIT University in Melbourne, with a visual and sound arts background. She was born in Quezon City – a highly urbanised city northeast of Philippines’ capital city, where she spent her early years on the back of her parent’s shoulder, traveling the incredibly diverse islands of the Philippines. Being constantly surrounded by the lush tropical environments and the vibrancy of urban life inevitably developed her strong fascination and connection with her surroundings.