Beaver Lennon

Beaver Lennon (b.1988) was born on Kaurna Country in
Adelaide, South Australia. He is a Mirning and Antikirinjara
man who has lived most of his life in Ceduna on Wirangu
Country in South Australia. Story-telling is central to
Lennon’s practice that ranges from portrait to landscape
painting, pottery and sculpture. His earlier works were
inspired by his grandmother’s Dreaming stories of the
Bunda Cliffs, though is now influenced by his grandfather’s
Dreaming – Malu Tjuta (many kangaroos)1. Lennon’s
landscapes capture the distinctive open skies and vast
expanses of Country with an extraordinary depth and
detail, and attesting to his connection to Country.

Lennon’s Beginning of the Bunda Cliff captures an almost
aerial view of the weathered escarpment that sweeps the
western part of South Australia’s coastline, and out and
across to the south-eastern corner of Western Australia’s
border. Lennon’s signature realistic style of painting and
astute observational recording offers an intimate view of
the landscape, mapping his deep connection and response
to Country. The distinctive open skies and vast ocean
expanses are captured with an extraordinary depth of
detail in the afternoon light – emphasising the constant
rush of the waves that have ensured the changing shape
and forms of the cliffs over time.

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