Adrianne Semmens

Barkandji people, New South Wales

My work embodies stories of connection — to Country, to water, to kin.

I have been interested in the use of shadow and reflection, as a marker of time passed, of those before us, and of Country holding our stories and knowledge.

kuntyiri honours and reflects upon returning visits to Wilyakali and Barkandji/Barkindji Country. From childhood memories with family, to recent journeys together as a collective. My gestures speak softly, filmed against the incredible visions of Country.

Dance has always been a way of sharing our knowledge and understanding, a cultural practice entwined with story and song. This work continues that practice, marking our coming together and sharing through dance.

The choreography is an archive of memories, stories and sentiment — carrying immense love and also longing. I recall watching my shadows dance across the corrugated iron landscapes of Broken Hill, and feel the weight and smooth touch of a grindstone held.

The holding close of these moments, and the people I shared them with, is echoed in the string sculptures.

Both the screendance and sculptural works continue my interest in the use of string, to map journey and lineage. The pooling string gestures to our ever present lifeblood — water.

Dyed on Kaurna Country, the string continues the connection between my home, living on Kaurna Country and my Ancestral Barkandji Country.

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Through dance I share my memories and connection to place and people. I trace my journeys across Country. I use string to explore and represent our lifeblood — water.