Fayen d’Evie and Bryan Phillips describe ‘Seeing voices’ at Horsham Regional Art Gallery


Fayen d’Evie and Bryan Phillips have collaborated to make a new work that
responds to the exhibition ‘Seeing voices’ as it was installed at the first venue, Horsham Regional Art Gallery. D’Evie, whose background as a curator and artist pivots on modes of engaging art beyond the ocular norm, and Phillips, an artist and musician, together create an audio tour that navigates the sensory geography of the exhibition in that place at that time. The audio tour layers extremely close, or what they term ‘myopic’ readings, of artworks, listening meditations and excerpts from a workshop they hosted with people from the Horsham area who are blind or have low vision.

The audio recording created during the first incarnation of the exhibition opens up accessibility to the exhibition, both as an educational resource and to the vision impaired, while also offering a thoughtful consideration of the voice and its role in relation to knowledge and experience.