Slipstitch at Latrobe Regional Gallery in May



Slipstitch comes to Latrobe Regional Gallery in May, presenting an Australian perspective on the contemporary uptake of embroidery by a new generation of artists. The exhibition features recent work from Mae Finlayson, David Green, Lucas Grogan, Alice Kettle, Tim Moore, Silke Raetze, Demelza Sherwood, Matt Siwerski, Jane Theau, Sera Waters, Elyse Watkins and Ilka White.

The exhibition showcases a wide range of works, ranging from incredibly detailed to the quite liminal or gestural, that include both elaborate and reticent encounters with hand and machine embroidery. Many of the artists in Slipstitch use relatively simple hand embroidery methods and a very limited ‘palette’ of stitches, using a needle and thread in simple and intuitive ways as a drawing tool.