Lauren Brincat

Born Sydney, Australia 1980

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia


Lauren Brincat’s videos often portray the artist undertaking performances in relative solitude. In these works, she pushes her physical and cognitive limits following rule-based actions in the vein of early performance art of the 1970s. The artist is known for a series of ‘walking pieces’ occurring in vastly different contexts, from empty fields, to busy urban cities, and the ocean.

Her recent work is sculptural, working with textiles to create malleable forms that can be activated by participants. Brincat’s latest work is also further engaged with politics and history, taking the form of blank banners and creating sculptures out of sailcloth, invoking the sea and borders.

Brincat’s works can be found in the collections of the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney), the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Sydney), MONA / Museum of Old and New Art (Hobart), as well as private and corporate collections.