Brook Andrew

b. Sydney, 1970. Lives and works in Melbourne.

My work challenges cultural and historical perceptions, using installation, text and image to comment on local and global issues regarding race, consumerism and history. Apart from drawing inspiration from public media and found archival collections, I travel nationally and internationally to work with communities and museum collections and displays to comment and create new work reflecting objects, concepts and local thought.

Brook Andrew, one of Australia’s leading artists who has worked both nationally and internationally, is of Wiradjuri and Scottish descent. Andrew works with neon, installation, photo-media, mixed media, performance and video. Concepts of history, race and consumerism are powerful messages with which Andrew challenges perceptions in a subtle and engaging way. Andrew enjoys using a variety of materials; the process, rather than the choice of material, often informs his practice. For Andrew the look and feel of a material can be crucial to convey the meaning of a work.

Brook Andrew is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Parish and Brussels.

September 2012