NC Qin & Felix Esteban

NC Qin

NC Quin  grew up in Sydney with what she describes as a a typical Asian family (you know what I’m talking about; where A is for average, and B is for bad – thank you Kevjumba for this lasting quote), her parents like many others wanted her to be one of the trio of career prestige: a lawyer, doctor or accountant. And why not? Her maths was good. If she had been thinking entirely objectively at the time she would have realized they would have afforded me a modest and stable wealth.

But Qin’s heart was seized by passion, and she could not hear of it. She decided she was going to rise to the ranks of the Old Masters whom she  idolized. And for all her imagination, she could not see herself as anything else other than an artist. So strong was the pull to become one.

(edited from first person)

Felix Esteban

Felix Esteban is a Sydney based fine art photographer, whose practice investigates the psychological and political nature that exists within the human condition. His portraits capture the raw state of the subjects, revealing the essence of who they are beneath the surface while stripping away the ego and the characters they adopt due to what their jobs or society pushed them to become, or how they hope their ideal selves to be. 

His work has been featured in many art catalogues such as the Wagga Wagga National Glass Art Museum, zines and private collections spanning across last decade.