Chantelle Mitchell


Chantelle Mitchell is a researcher, arts administrator and curator with experience across public, university and artist run organisations. Her research interests across the arts and humanities include extraction, temporality, and affect. Chantelle’s experience across the contemporary arts sphere extends to positions with Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, SEVENTH Gallery and the University of Melbourne. She has also held roles on the boards of SEVENTH Gallery and BLINDSIDE ARI. She was previously a predoctoral researcher with the University of Vienna, during which she presented and published new research considering entanglements of air, crisis and contemporary philosophy.

Chantelle maintains an ongoing artistic and research-based practice with Jaxon Waterhouse, Ecological Gyre Theory. Together, they consider questions of environment, temporality, scale and place working with plants, animals and ecologies in thinking through relations. They have produced texts for Green Letters, Performance Philosophy, e-flux and unMagazine, and have presented their work nationally and internationally. In 2023 they are Curators in Residence at Monash Universities’ MADA Gallery.