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Host a NETS Victoria touring exhibition

Host a NETS Victoria touring exhibition

NETS Victoria supplies the public gallery sector with arguably the best touring exhibitions in the country. We work with curators working independently and as part of Victoria's leading arts organisations to develop outstanding exhibitions of contemporary art, craft and design.

When hosting a NETS Victoria exhibition you will receive the full package. In addition to quality publications, extensive learning guides, comprehensive promotions kits, stylish invitations for overprinting, we ensure that you the exhibition is delivered with beautifully designed signage, text panels and object labels, and all the exhibition furniture and technology required.

NETS Victoria has a strong reputation for providing support and assistance at every step of the journey. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with staff at host galleries to install our touring exhibitions and to achieve the best presentation, given the intricacies and uniqueness of each gallery space. Although we develop comprehensive tour manuals with packing, handing and installation instructions, we also understand that it is more helpful for our Program Managers to join the installation team and share their knowledge of the works, each artist's intention, each curator's vision, and the specifics of the museum standard crates and packing.

In developing an itinerary for a new exhibition, we call for expressions of interest from the sector and also at times directly approach galleries that we believe have a relationship with the proposed project, through their location, their audience or their collection.